Sever — Resolve: Calus's Automaton

The Guardian finds one of Calus's Automatons while helping Caiatl.

Calus: Brilliant! BRILLIANT! I have warned you, I have offered gold and power and so much more. And still, you deny me. Good. Every bond you sever, every piece of my fleshy hull you storm, paints a worthier tale, crowned by the triumph of my expansion. In truth, this is what I always desired, my good friend: a display of my… enormity, immortalized by those who resist it. Individuals are defined by what we are not, after all. Unfortunately, this duality we are partners in… is short-lived. Soon, I will grow beyond such small ideas as conflict. Until then, I will savor our time together.

Sever — Rage: Calus's Automaton

Category: Caiatl

The Leviathan Returns: Operation: Midas

Sever — Reconciliation: Calus's Automaton

Category: Emperor Calus

Sever — Shame: Calus's Automaton