Stop and Go

The Gulch, European Dead Zone, Earth

Devrim: Ah, it's you again, excellent! We have a unique opportunity.

Cayde-6: My dear Devrim, you just said the magic words.

Devrim: Cayde-6, so glad you could join us.

Cayde-6: Course you are. Listen, Guardian, we've got a unique opportunity. Tell'em Dev.

Devrim: Ugh. The Red Legion's looking to upgrade the power systems in their base. For a limited time, they've switched to backup generators.

Cayde-6: Which means they'll have beefed up the security.

Ghost: I can handle that part. Red Legion troops in the area will have security keys. Get me enough of those and we're in.

Guardian kills Red Legion troops near the mouth of the tunnel, procuring Security Data Fragments.

Ghost: Got it. That's enough to synthesize a new access code and get us inside.

Cayde-6: You can make a key by shooting bad guys? I gotta talk to my Ghost.

Devrim: Ugh. The Legion's a bit paranoid about Security. That code won't last long.

Cayde-6: The best things never do. Get a move on you two.

Guardian proceeds into the Tunnels.

Guardian plugs the security code into a nearby console.

Ghost: Forcefield down, but there are more, a lot more.

Cayde-6: This is getting too complicated. Isn't there anything you can… you know, blow up?

Guardian destroys an explosive next to a forcefield, triggering a 30 second countdown timer, and the barrier to disappear.

Ghost: Uh, we're in trouble! Their defenses are linked to the alarm system. Actually…

Devrim: Ah, Guardians.

Cayde-6: Ooh, smart… I mean, oh no!

Devrim: If they are connected, deactivating the barriers should buy you time before the alarm sounds.

Guardian destroys more explosives, dropping more barriers, and proceeding through the tunnels.

Ghost: That's the last one! And I've got a read on those backup generators ahead.

Devrim: Finally, our real target, take them out and the sudden power loss should overload all connected systems.

Cayde-6: Ah. I wish I could be there for the explosions. I never get to see the good stuff.

Guardian destroys all 9 backup generators.

Ghost: Take that Red Legion, now we have the power.

Cayde-6: Uh, not wild about that one. Whaddya think, Dev?

Devrim: I think you should stick to the clever turns of phrase. Their actions speak louder than words. Especially yours.

Cayde-6: Come on, how did I end up the jerk here?

Devrim: One of life's great mysteries, I suppose.

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