The Coming War – Closing Cinematic

Aboard the Dreadnaught

Knight: Their leaders belong to you. The rest await extermination.

Oryx: No. Gather them. I will take them all.

In the Tower

Ikora Rey: My contacts near Saturn say the weapon fired only once.

Zavala: It's not like the Queen to attack a superior force.

Ikora Rey: How could she have known? How could anyone? We need a Warlock inside the Dreadnaught.

Cayde-6: Here we go.

Zavala: Our first priority must be to protect the City. Our Guardian got a good look on Phobos. Whatever it was, it turned Cabal against Cabal, wiped out their base in minutes.

Ikora Rey: Until we understand what we're dealing with–

Eris Morn: They are Taken.

Cayde-6: Eris. Get your rock off my map.

Eris Morn: It hasn't spoken since Crota fell. It speaks now because Oryx has arrived. Come to fulfil the final covenant of his son.

Ikora Rey: But, why fight the Cabal?

Eris Morn: Not fighting. Taking. Controlling their will.

Zavala: So we focus on his army, kill these Taken until he's all that's left.

Eris Morn: Whatever you kill Oryx will replace.

Ikora Rey: The Dreadnaught, then. How do we get past that weapon?

Zavala: Without ending up like the Awoken.

Cayde-6: I gotta go uh... see about a ship.

Zavala: Cayde, our discussion has not yet concluded!

Cayde-6: Oh I know. That's why I'm leaving.

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