The Awoken

In their jumpship, the Guardian and Ghost enter The Reef for the first time. Hundreds of destroyed ships, stations, and other pieces of debris surround them.

Guardian:  Where did all this come from?

Ghost:  Every ship that could escape fled Earth during The Collapse. They made it this far. I guess they died out here.

Guardian:  It's a graveyard.

Guardian:  How did the Awoken survive?

Ghost: No one knows.

Two Awoken ships, camouflaged within the wreckage, activate and begin flanking the Guardian’s jumpship.

Awoken Guard: Intruder bearing one-two-seven, you have crossed into the realm of the Awoken. State your business, or be fired on by order of the Queen.

The Guardian and Ghost glance at each other.

Ghost:  Don't look at me! Better say something.

The Guardian pauses.

Guardian:  We are from Earth. We're here to seek the counsel of the Awoken.

The Awoken ships flank both side of the Guardian’s jumpship

Awoken Guard: Conform to my trajectory. Any deviation will be taken as an act of aggression.

Guardian:  Looks like we're in the right place.

Ghost:  Why is the right place always so terrifying?

The three ships continue toward the Reef.

The Queen's throne room, the Reef. The Guardian and Ghost walk toward the throne, followed closely by Awoken guards. The Queen’s Brother, Prince Uldren Sov awaits them, standing in front of the throne.

Uldren Sov: So these are the trespassers demanding an audience.

Ghost: We didn't mean to trespass.

Uldren Sov: The Queen herself judges who may or may not enter the realm.

The brother smirks and steps closer to the Guardian and Ghost.

Uldren Sov:  Me? I see no reason she should be available for whatever washes up at The Reef. But here we are.

Guardian:  We've come to ask for help.

From behind the throne, two Fallen Vandals with spears approach, snarling.

Ghost:  (alarmed) Fallen!

The Guardian pushes one of the guards back and grabs the gun from their holster. The Vandals ready their spears in a defensive position. The Brother unsheathes a knife, and holds it to the Guardian's throat while catching the Guardian’s wrist. The other Guard raises her pistol at the Guardian.

Mara Sov:  It is afraid of the Fallen.

Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef, appears.

Mara Sov:  It does not understand these ones are mine.

As the Queen sits on her throne, the two Vandals lift their spears and stand at rest. The Awoken Guard takes her weapon from the Guardian's hand and re-holsters it. The brother removes his blade from the edge of their neck, and the Guardian pulls their forearm away.

Uldren Sov:  Apologies...Your Grace.

The brother bows slightly and steps back.

Guardian: I am a Guardian, from Earth. We're searching for the Black Garden.

Uldren Sov: Why?

Guardian: We seek to destroy the Darkness at its heart.

Uldren Sov: You want to turn it into a battleground. How unimaginative.

Guardian:  Do you know where it is?

Uldren Sov:  Everyone knows where it is. The hard part is getting in.

Guardian:  Can you help us?

The brother advances on The Guardian once more.

Uldren Sov:  And why...would that?

Mara Sov:  The Queen requests counsel with her brother.

The brother turns around, walks toward the Queen, and kneels by her side. The two speak between themselves, inaudible to the Guardian.

Uldren Sov:  Yes, that's good. That's good. Why not? We'll make you a's that? All we need is the head of a Vex Gate Lord.

Ghost:  A Gate Lord? Uh...we—

Guardian:  Why do you want a Vex head?

Uldren Sov:  Oh, we don't...and I doubt we'll get one either. But it's your only hope of getting into the Black Garden.

Guardian:  We will return.

Uldren Sov:  Or die on Venus. Either way.

The Guardian turns and leaves, the Guards following closely behind.

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