The Inverted Spire

The Cistern, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Failsafe: A friendly warning: I am detecting seismic events all along the planet's crust. I believe the Red Legion is to blame.

Failsafe Second Half: Hey, who wants to bet the Vex will tear us apart trying to fix it?

Zavala: Agreed. Be careful, Guardian. There's no one out there to back you up.

Ghost scans the Conflux

Ghost: On your right: a waterfall of Vex... milk. Yes, Vex milk.

The Anchor, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost: Is it weird when I look at that light, and I think, "Wow. That is one big Ghost."

Failsafe: Hey friends: I'm detecting seismic activity past the barrier ahead.

Failsafe Second Half: It's giving me a headache.

Zavala: Let's see how the Red Legion plans to kill you today, Guardian.

Guardian defeats the Vex and Cabal in the area then the barrier deactivates

Ghost: What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?

Failsafe: According to radio chatter, they want to build more guns.

Failsafe Second Half: Who could have guessed?

Ghost: Zavala! Looks like the drills are manned by a full battalion of Cabal!

Zavala: A full battalion? What is that to you, who have slain gods in the heart of the Black Garden?

The two Cabal Drill Officers Centurions are defeated

Ghost: Research team? More like research army. There's so many of them.

Zavala: Indeed. But we still need to know what they're looking for. Brace yourselves.

Ghost scans the terminal

Ghost: I think they want their drill back!

Ghost: I hope this is safe. The Cabal don't need to stick the landing. We do.

Ghost: Are you sure about this?

Legion Dig Site, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost: Oh, no. Please. Nonononono. Please. Please. No!

The Inverted Spire, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost: Hey, Zavala? We found it. Big Vex. Bigger guns.

Protheon, Modular Mind appears

Zavala: Good hunting, Guardian.

The first floor disappears

Ghost: Uh, hey.. what's happening to the floor?

Protheon changes to Solar with an Arc weapon

Ghost: It's switching guns!

The second floor disappears

Ghost: Watch your feet!

Protheon changes to Arc

Protheon is badly damaged

Ghost: Oh! Good Shot!

Protheon, Modular Mind is defeated

Ghost: That did it! Modular Mind is down!

Zavala: Well done. Failsafe, what's your assessment of this incident?

Failsafe: Vex records indicate the Cabal discovered the Mind, and dug into this world to capture it. Had the Red Legion achieved their goal, I estimate a 60% chance this planetoid would have been destroyed in the ensuring battles. Luckily, the captain stepped in.

Ghost: Huzzah!

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