The Leviathan Returns: Commune with the Crown of Sorrow

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian approaches the Crown of Sorrow.

Eris Morn: It is done. We are inexorably bound to the power of this Hive artifact, and to one another. The Crown of Sorrow was once forged by Savathûn's hand, designed as a psychic prison, binding the mind of its bearer to her will. Now it serves a new witch. You have become a reaper of Darkness, dooming slain Nightmares to imprisonment within the Crown. Calus has begun to forge a bond between the Leviathan and the dormant Pyramid buried on the Moon. I do not yet know why, or how. But with enough imprisoned Nightmares, I can use their essence to invoke a ritual to sever those connections Calus is forging. For now, return to the Leviathan and seek out concentrations of these new Nightmares. Destroy them and bind them to the Crown. As I warned Zavala, Nightmares wear familiar faces and speak with familiar voices. They manifest our darkest fears. You will assist Crow when it comes time to perform the first severance ritual. We both know what form his Nightmare will take. It will do everything in its power to stop you. Be wary.

Crown of Sorrow — Legacy: The Leviathan Returns

Bound in Sorrow

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