The Last Array

Opening to The Last Array

Ghost: There’s reports a team of Guardians went dark near the old Skywatch. They were running a mission for Dead Orbit, had codes to a hidden array that could reconnect us to other colonies in the system. If we can find their Ghosts, maybe we can open that array.

Touching down in the Mothyards

Ghost: The Ghosts were last heard from near the Skywatch. Let’s head there and see if we can find them.

Entering the Lunar Complex

Ghost: We’re heading back to that Hive breeding ground. The Vanguard say they’re spilling onto the surface now, keeping the Fallen busy.

Entering the Skywatch

Ghost: The Ghosts… They’re in a clearing between buildings not far from here.

Ghost: The Ghosts are still here! The Fallen have them.

Finding the first Ghost

Ghost: It’s dead. Keep hunting!

Finding the second Ghost

Ghost: Nothing. Find another one!

Finding the third Ghost

Ghost: This one still has the Codes. Let’s find the Array!

Entering the Terrestrial Complex

Ghost: Approaching the Control Station. This is it!

Ghost: There’s the controls. I’ll see if these codes still work.

Ghost: Ok, negotiating cryptosystems. Shor-resistant security lattice verified. It’s working! Outside the array it’s opening. Amazing... it’s activating! Hive Tomb Ships! Cutting through!

Hive enter

Hive defeated

Ghost: I think we’re clear! You need to see this!

Ghost: This Array is controlled by The last Warmind - Rasputin. It’s connecting to defense constructs all across the system. There could be something out there to help us survive the Darkness.

The Iron Tomb

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The Plaguelands

The Iron Tomb

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The Plaguelands