The Summoning Pits

Ikora Rey: Something dark stirs in the depths of the Hellmouth; we can feel it. A Hive abomination bred for unthinkable evil. We must pierce the veil of their Summoning Pits, and destroy this creature before the Hive unleash it upon us all.

Hellmouth, Ocean of Storms, Earth's Moon

Ghost: There's no telling how far down we'll have to go to find the Summoning Pits.

The Gatehouse, Ocean of Storms, Earth's Moon

Ghost: We need to get through. I'll try to open that gate.

Ghost begins investigating a rune

Ghost: A triptych of Hive runes...said to be uncrackable...

Ghost: They know we're here—I'll get to work!

Thrall attack

Ghost: It's reconfiguring...hang tight.

Ghost: I'm starting to sense a pattern! Shouldn't be long.

Mormu, Xol Spawn appears and is defeated

Ghost: Got it. The gate's opening.

Ghost: Sounds like we're getting closer.

Unknown: ROAR

The Summoning Pits, Ocean of Storms, Earth's Moon

Phogoth, the Untamed is chained in the center of the room. Hive jump from all directions

Ghost: Well, at least it's chained up.

Phogoth is defeated

Ghost: Finally. The abomination has been destroyed. The Vanguard will be grateful.

Ikora Rey: A creature of the Dark has been slain, and our worlds spared another atrocity. But how many more Hive abominations are still out there? Growing among the Darkness? I fear we may find out all too soon.

The Ritual

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The Undying Mind

The Ritual

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