The Ritual

Quagmire, Savathûn's Throne World

The Traveler hangs overhead.

Ghost: The Traveler! Ikora, the Traveler is already here. I think we're too late.

Ikora Rey: We are in the domain of the god of cunning. Things are never what they seem. It's not too late. I can feel it.

The Guardian enters the outskirts of Savathûn's fortress.

Ghost: Now that the Traveler sees what Savathûn is doing, why won't it take the Light away from her? Why is it just letting this happen?

Ikora Rey: I don't know why. We may never know. But we know what we need to do to protect the Last City. Stop the ritual. Protect our connection to the Light. Humanity needs you. Both of you.

The Guardian continues into the Florescent Canal.

Ikora Rey: Scorn are flocking to the fortress because of the ritual. The Hive are summoning heavy reinforcements from the portal.

Ghost: That will block our route into the fortress.

Ikora Rey: Hold off the Hive and the Scorn as long as you can, and leave the portal to me. I'm on my way.

The Guardian fights off Scorn and Hive. A portal blocks the doorway forward. A large Ogre emerges from the portal.

Ikora Rey: Hold your fire, Guardian! I've got this.

A drop ship flies past and Ikora transmats out of it. Ikora hovers in the air and throws a Nova Bomb at the Ogre, killing it.

Ikora Rey: Go on! I'll draw fire here. All that matters right now is the Traveler. Whatever you hear, whatever you see, don't let it distract you from stopping the ritual.

Ikora fires a Chaos Reach beam at the portal, which disappears. Ikora maintains the beam as the Guardian proceeds through the doorway and up a stairway.

Court of Thorns, Savathûn's Throne World

Ikora Rey: The Scorn are arriving by the hundreds. The ritual must be growing stronger. Remember the plan, Guardian. Stop the ritual by whatever means necessary. Without the Light, the Last City is defenseless.

The Guardian battles through Hive and enters the fortress.

Ghost: The ritual is happening at the top of the fortress. We need to find a way up.

The Guardian follows Hive glyphs and proceeds through a series of portals, climbing higher.

Savathûn: You're back! What a surprise. Only joking. This throne world is indistinguishable from my own mind, Guardian. Every step taken, every bullet fired, every thought whispered... I keep and count them all. Remember that.

The Guardian battles through Hive and ascends to the top of the fortress.

Sanctum of the Brood Queen, Savathûn's Throne World

The Guardian encounters Savathûn.

Savathûn: I'm so glad you're here to see this.

The Guardian battles Savathûn and several Lightbearer Hive. As Savathûn falls, her Ghost appears vulnerable.

Ghost: There's her Ghost!

The Guardian approaches the Ghost, and becomes Threadbound and is unable to reach the Ghost. Savathûn is resurrected and teleports away.

Savathûn: Fight, run, fight, run. The pattern is always the same for you. Don't you ever get tired of it? Don't you want to escape?

A bridge appears across the nearby water. The Guardian walks across it.

Savathûn: Little Ghost... you were asked to accept the Darkness. Asked to turn against your cousins. Asked to defy the will of the Traveler. My Ghosts make no concessions. We serve the Traveler's true interests.

Ghost: No concessions? How stupid do you think I am? You and your siblings, you killed my friends! I remember Crota, and the Great Disaster! I remember Oryx and the Taken! I remember what you did to the Awoken and the Dreaming City! I'll never forget what happened to Sagira. To Osiris. I would die before I ever chose to help the Hive.

The Guardian battles with Savathûn but cannot do significant damage.

Ghost: She's too powerful! What do we do? We have to reactivate that portal to access the memory altar. Showing her the truth won't stop her, but we need to try.

Projections of Savathûn appear. The Guardian defeats them to disrupt the ritual and open the portal.

Ghost: The portal's open!

The Guardian enters.

Ghost: This is a spell. Savathûn is spinning a web around the Traveler. We have to free it. The tethers are coming from those towers. Find a way to reach them.

The Guardian defeats a Threadweaver wizard. Threads fall away from the Traveler.

Savathûn: What do you think you're going to do? You can't stop this. I know it goes against your nature, but you can still lose gracefully.

The Guardian defeats more Threadweavers.

Ghost: Show her the memory, Guardian!

The Guardian places the Worm on the memory altar. An image appears of Sathona cradling a Worm.

The Witness: [whispers] These frail siblings will soon be claimed by the Light... unless we claim them first.

Savathûn: What is this? How did you —

The Witness: We will tell the most cunning sibling of a cataclysm. A prophecy of great loss.

Savathûn: No... no, that's not what happened. The Traveler never came to us. We were forced to choose the Deep. How could I have missed this? So now you want to play games? Then let's play.

The Guardian is teleported back to the courtyard at the end of the bridge. The Guardian once again battles Savathûn and enters the portal.

Ghost: The spell's almost broken.

The Guardian defeats another Threadweaver.

Savathûn: So you're the expert now? The expert on me, on the Hive, on trickery. Is that what you really think?

The Guardian defeats more Threadweavers and places the Worm on the memory altar. An image appears of Sathona cradling a Worm.

The Witness: [whispers] We will feed her fear. Her pride.

Savathûn: Go on, then. You know so much? Tell me who I am!

The Guardian is teleported back to the courtyard, engages Savathûn, and is unable to significantly damage Savathûn.

Ghost: Take out her support first.

The Guardian defeats Threadweavers to gain the power to harm Savathûn. The Guardian defeats Savathûn.

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