The Wakening

Eris Morn: Six of us went down into that pit. I was vain enough to believe we could defeat Crota, but the Hive caught his soul before we could destroy him and then there was only death. We failed. You cannot. Destroy the soul of Crota.

Eris Morn: We called it a Temple where we first saw Crota. Go. Find it, and make it his grave.

Eris Morn: We hid in the old moon base up ahead, waiting for the right time to strike. We were brave. But we were not ready.

Eris Morn: Few of us made it beyond the canyon. The rocks cracked apart, Hive waiting in ambush. It was worse for the ones who made it inside. Stay alive.

Unknown: [unclear]

Eris Morn: I know that sound. Hurry!

Unknown: [unclear]

Eris Morn: Crota. The ritual has begun!

Eris Morn: They're waking his soul!

Eris Morn: Crota! They're waking him!

Hive sit in worship around a dark crystal, from which three eyes stare at the Guardian. Four Wakers of Crota surround the crystal

The Guardian defeats the Wakers of Crota

Eris Morn: The crystal, destroy it.

The crystal floats into the air, firing projectiles at the Guardian

The Guardian destroys the crystal

Eris Morn: Crota's soul is banished. You have given me the gift of vengeance. I thank you. And even if they don't yet know it, the City thanks you.

The Sunless Cell

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The Black Needle

The Sunless Cell

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