The Sunless Cell

Eris Morn: Some creatures of the Hive strain against the Will of Oryx. Alak-Hul, the Darkblade is one such. Long ago he fomented rebellion against the King and attempted to take his mantle. Alak-Hul failed, and now awaits the "mercy" of the Hive. Given the chance, the Darkblade will step in to take Oryx's crown. We must not allow another prince to rise.

Mausoleum, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Eris Morn: The Darkblade suffers his judgement in the depths of a Hive prison. I am feeding an energy marker to your Ghost. It will lead you to his call.

The Asylum, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Eris Morn: I can sense a powerful incantation. Hive runes hold the far door shut.

Ghost: My scan says the runes draw energy from those towers. If you get me over there I can hack them and open the door.

Ghost hacks the first battery.

Ghost: The spell is getting weaker. Let's get to the other battery!

Ghost hacks the second battery.

The Hanging Crypts, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Ghost: We're on the right track. Alak-Hul's energy marker is getting stronger.

Eris: Find the Darkblade. Finish this.

The Guardian heads towards Alak-Hull's cell, defeating the Hive and the Taken which they encounter.


Ghost: I think this is going well.

Eris Morn: Then you do not know what you face. The Darkblade is formidable. And left unchecked, a worthy successor to lead the Hive. Dawn has not come. It hasn't been dark enough yet.

Ghost: That's very encouraging.


Ghost: Eris, why did the Darkblade rise against Oryx?

Eris Morn: The Wizard Verok was his mate. He slew a legion of Thralls in her name. Marched on the King's throne, at the head of an army built on hate and pain.

Ghost: How...romantic.


Ghost: Eris, why does Oryx have a prison?

Eris Morn: "Prison" is the wrong term. He holds his victims, tortures them, then renders them down into chitin for his ships.

Ghost: Chitin, lovely.

The Guardian reaches the entrance to Alah-Hul's cell.


Ghost: You first.


Eris Morn: Your fate lies below. Embrace it.


Ghost: Nothing left now but the drop.

The Guardian drops down into Alak-Hul's cell.


Eris Morn: Alak-Hul is near.


Eris Morn: Alak-Hul. He is hunting you.


Eris Morn: The Darkblade. I sense him.

The Guardian defeats Alak-Hul, the Darkblade.


Eris Morn: Yes. May his dark soul go screaming into the pit between the stars. With none left to lead in Oryx's wake, the Taken will languish, decay. But they will not die away. You have given us time, time to recover... to bury the dead. And make ready for the next shadow on the horizon.


Eris Morn: Yes, May his dark soul go screaming into the pit between the stars. A pretender to the crown is dead. Know this, Guardian: Alak-Hul was there when we went down into the pit. What you have done, you have done in their names: Toland. Sai Mota. Omar. Eriana-3. Vell Tarlowe.


Eris Morn: Yes. May his dark soul go screaming into the pit between the stars. The creatures of the Hive are treacherous, vicious. But they can still fall into infighting, to petty distractions of the flesh. [low laugh] That is why we must rise above, Guardian. It is the only way we will survive the long night.

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