Tracing the Stars IV: The Finale of Rega and Ager's Story

Queen Mara Sov: So you wish to hear the rest of my brother's story? Fine. I will oblige you. When the Storm came, Rega and Ager rode the winds to meet it, a fleet of talons at their back. A great battle ensued. The Storm took, as was its nature. Many fell, Ager among them. Rega could only watch as he tumbled down, down, down... until her heart beat alone. She dove into the Storm, giving herself to destroy it. Rega's spirit ascended higher into the sky... where she hoped to reunite with her brother. Instead, she met the thing that sent the Storm. A bottomless well of grief. Unreachable by reasoning or bargaining... or violence. A voice in the darkness. And so... Rega gathered her feathers into an aegis of wings... to shield the world below. But over the years feathers broke away. Futility wore thin her resolve. Then, one day, her heart began to beat as it once had... doubled, distant... but different. A beautiful echo. Hope called her home. And though she prayed to find Ager there... he never returned.

A Hollow Coronation — Step 12

Tracing the Stars IV: Return to Mara Sov

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