Trials of Osiris: The Lighthouse, Flawless Passage

The Lighthouse, Mercury

The Guardian arrives at the Lighthouse after acquiring a flawless passage and being found worthy in the Trials of Osiris. As the Guardian proceeds up the stairs, Saint-14 can be seen in the distance speaking with Osiris.

Saint-14: Yes, Brother. I understand. You do not need to watch me. Go.

Maintenance Operations Log 30037

Osiris transmats away. The Guardian approaches Saint-14.

Saint-14: Welcome to the Lighthouse, Guardian. This place is for fireteams that show skill, decisiveness, and command. The best fireteams. That means you. Congratulations. Your victories bear rewards. Go. Take them. Use what you have learned. Fight your way to the top, and soon I will see you here again and again. Those you have triumphed over will look to your example. Your guidance. Your hope. These will be precious tools in the trying times to come. Fight, win, and fight again. This is your duty.

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