Wayfinder's Voyage I: Embodied


Savathûn narrates the cinematic throughout. Her symbol appears before an image of the Traveler above the City. Below, Crow, Saint-14, Zavala, Osiris, Ikora, and Lord Saladin stand.

Savathûn: "Who is Savathûn?" you ask. You already know, oh Guardian mine.

As the perspective gets closer and closer to the Guardians, Osiris' eyes glow and tendrils of Darkness curl towards him.

Savathûn: I am your friend.

The scene changes to a Pyramid, floating above the Cradle on Io during the Season of Arrivals.

Savathûn: I tried to protect you from the Black Fleet. You called it "interference." Don't worry... I was not offended.

Rays of light appear from the Pyramid, blinding.

Savathûn: Instead...

Moths appear and briefly frame a Hive silhouette.

Savathûn: I found a form more pleasing to your eyes.

The silhouette shifts, revealing Osiris, curled up.

Savathûn: Osiris was lost. Lightless. I saved him from Xivu Arath, and assumed his shape... so I could guide your victory against her.

Osiris' eyes begin to glow as moths envelop his face. "Osiris" is shown with Crow as he escorts him into the City; the shadow of the false Osiris seethes with moths.

Savathûn: I ferried the reborn Prince to your City... so he could be redeemed.

"Osiris" stands before Zavala at his desk in his office, with Saladin standing to the side. Saladin's arms are folded. A hologram of Caiatl over the desk.

Savathûn: I protected Zavala from Caiatl's ambitions, ending a war before it could even begin.

Saint-14, "Osiris", and Ikora greet Mithrax meet in the Botza District.

Savathûn: I delivered the House of Light on its knees to Ikora.

"Osiris" stands back as Lakshmi is attacked by a Vex, entering the Last City through the portal she opened.

Savathûn: I unmasked the enemies lurking inside your City's walls... and destroyed them.

Moths fly by, landing on a decaying corpse wearing Osiris' armor. It is unspecific if this is Osiris' true fate or symbolic to emphasize Savathûn's treachery.

Savathûn: You may disagree with my methods, but you can't argue with results.

"Osiris" stands on the Wall, looking up at the Traveler.

Savathûn: I am no villain, and you are no hero. We are paracausal.

The silhouette of a Worm appears, curled around the Traveler, before the cutscene ends.

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