Unfinished Business: Acquire a Vex compass

Ghost: That's the last item on the list, and it's a powerful one. We should hurry back to Nimbus…

Osiris: I wouldn't rush. They're not in the best of moods at the moment. I reminded them that, however broadly they'd like to interpret the Cloud Strider's oath, their duties lie squarely on Neomuna. Not in the Witness's playground.

Ghost: So you convinced them to follow the rules? That doesn't sound like you. Or Nimbus.

Osiris: I have learned from my mistakes, you know. And I can see when someone is about to repeat them. Nimbus may think they're after the Black Heart's blueprint, but really, they want a distraction from their grief.

Ghost: How'd they take it when you said that?

Osiris: They weren't a fan of the suggestion. But they agreed to make the passkey and let you finish the job.

Under Siege: Meet with Osiris

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Unfinished Business: Conversation between Caiatl and Osiris