Under Siege: Meet with Osiris

Osiris: My vision was true. Even after years of speculation, no one guessed the Ishtar Collective made it here… let alone built a city we couldn't find. As for Calus, his grip on this city remains strong, but it appears these "Cloud Striders" are keeping him at bay. For the time being, at least. His pursuit of this object, the Veil, is of dire importance. If he gets to it first… Urgency is key, Guardian. We cannot fail.

Under Siege

Category: Emperor Calus

Unfinished Business: Conversation between Caiatl and Osiris

The Nexus

Category: Ishtar Collective

Clovis Bray's Logbook — Missing Pages

Under Siege

Category: Osiris

Unfinished Business: Acquire a Vex compass