Unfinished Business: Conversation between Caiatl and Osiris

Caiatl: Intolerable.

Osiris: What draws the empress's ire now?

Caiatl: The soldiers Calus sends. While some of these may be the mindless clones you saw on the Leviathan, many more are deserters and traitors… …Those who have forgotten what it means to be Cabal.

Osiris: That still troubles you? This is not a new state of affairs.

Caiatl: No. But it is more than that. It is the further division of a people. It is destruction from within, by our own hands. Once, I was hungry for the glory of battle. Even now, I have never turned away from a necessary fight. But I see only foolishness here.

Osiris: The time when this fight could have been avoided is long past.

Caiatl: I know. This is not reluctance. Only… regret.

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