We Stand Unbroken I: Briefing from Mara Sov

Mara Sov: I sensed your triumph through the choke of the Pyramid's suppression. With the Scepter in hand, you were able to move through the depths of the Ascendant Plane. It is as I hoped. Your Light sings with the incantations I send forth, strengthening you in ways not seen since the seven Paladins. Since the Queensguard. Powerful as I am, I cannot be everywhere at once. But the Guardians can. So, I entrust you with my favor. Take it. Breach the Ascendant Plane, walk the Ley Lines within, and banish those who would oppose you. I do not ask for fealty in return. I would not kneel in your place, as favor with condition remains a shackle. No. Claim this power freely, as your strength serves my kingdom and your own. Let it flow through you, Queensguard… and I shall knight you myself.

Awaken, Queensguard: Briefing from Devrim Kay

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Awaken, Queensguard: Infiltrate the Pyramid outpost in the EDZ