We Stand Unbroken III: Briefing from Mara Sov

Mara Sov: Hail, Queensguard. I felt you reaching out. You shine as a beacon of ascendant power. Maintaining my connection is demanding, but by observing your astral wake… I am discovering ways through the Ley Lines that have never been charted before. As you move through the Ascendant Plane, you consecrate it on a paracausal level. Its borders fray and yield to your touch. The corruption within withers as you approach. For someone of your ability, one step through that darkness can equal a thousand on this plane—ten thousand. Ten million. A Shadow Legion prison ship drifts above us, amidst the stars, far beyond our range… or so they believe. Come to me, and I shall open a path. Show them… nothing is outside your reach.

We Stand Unbroken II: Debriefing from Devrim Kay

Category: Queen Mara Sov

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