We Stand Unbroken IV: Report to the Farm

Zavala: Devotion. Bravery. Sacrifice. Devotion… Bravery… Sacrifice…

Mara Sov: Guardian. Zavala grieves, and… Misraaks is recovering in the infirmary. How do you want to proceed?

Crow: We have to regroup. Bury Amanda… and put her killers in the ground.

Mara Sov: They'll be expecting you.

Crow: Good.

Mara Sov: Think with your head, not your heart. Grief is poor counsel.

Crow: And yours is better? [exhales] Make arrangements for Amanda. The Guardian and I will handle it from here.

Mara Sov: If that's your wish.

Crow: It is. I know you want it too. Vengeance. You'll be the first to know when it's time.

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