We Stand Unbroken IV: Jailbreak

Holliday: Our scanners picked up a distress signal coming from a prison facility in the EDZ. We reckon it's a new bunch of captives. Mithrax and I are fixing to break them out.

Mithrax: I can splice the base security, but we will need a route for escape.

Holliday: That's where you come in, Guardian.

Mithrax: Clear all opposition, that we may lead the prisoners to safety. And do not engage your Sparrow. The signal will alert our enemies.

Holliday: Everyone solid? Then let's go get our people back!

Holliday: Guardian, kick down their front door while we slip in the back. We'll meet you inside.

Eramis: [static] Misraaks, I must speak with haste. Turn back now. This is not a fight you can win.

Mithrax: You cannot share fear with us, Eramis, for the Light provides.

Eramis: Leave these captives, and live to see your Great Machine again. Pursue this quest, and you will die. [static]

Holliday: Mithrax?

Mithrax: The Shipstealer is allied with the Voice in the Darkness... but she does not speak lies. Perhaps there is something here we do not yet see.

Holliday: There's always something. I'm not leaving our people behind, no matter what.

Mithrax: Then I am with you.

Holliday: I think I found us an LZ, Guardian. We're going in through the roof.

Mithrax: This was not the plan, Amanda Holliday. Are you certain this ship will fit?

Holliday: Only one way to find out!

Mithrax: Spider hated when I did things like this. Now… I see why.

Holliday: Aaand… we're in! Next round's on you, Mithrax!

Mithrax: Amanda and I will now locate the security terminal.

Holliday: Deal with those armored units, and we'll meet you on the other side.

Holliday: I see you, Guardian! I'm in the surveillance room above.

Mithrax: I am splicing the security network now. I will soon locate the captives.

Holliday: Hot damn, Guardian! You got a big dog incoming. Hold 'em off while Mithrax works!

Holliday: Hoo boy! Taken energy readings are spiking. Looks like you ain't done yet.

Mithrax: This is a tactic of desperation. You near victory, Guardian.

Holliday: Hoo! Glad we called you in for this one. We'd have been goners without you.

Mithrax: I have located the prisoners. We are nearly ready for extraction.

Holliday: Gotcha. Soon as the Guardian secures the hatch, we'll get everyone the hell outta here!

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