Towards the Future

Towards the Future

Beyond, Europa

After fully embracing the Darkness and communing with the Veiled Statue on the Europan Pyramid, the Guardian returns to the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: You have taken control of the Darkness within and sent Eramis to her end. It's time the truth present itself to you. I mentioned before… another timeline. My own. There, Eramis lived, and the temptation of Darkness thrived. It pervaded the minds of the good and preyed on their desires, bringing about a new Dark Age. I feared these events unavoidable. And though I still do… you've given me cause to hope again. Our fight is far from over. We must prevent that dark future, no matter what. Thanks to you… I stare no longer at a familiar end. Only a promising new beginning.

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