Winter's Run

Ishtar Sink, Venus

Cayde-6: Those Fallen in the Ishtar Sink on Venus… story is they raided the Prison of Elders in the Reef. Got an Archon Priest. The Queen's bounty is high so we know it's powerful. We need to hunt this thing down before they fully restore it's soul.

Fireteam land in Headlands

Ghost: It won't take them long to restore the Archon Priest's soul. We'd better head for the caves.

Guardians head for Ember Caves

Ghost: Vex!? What are they doing in here?

Fireteam attack Fallen and Vex

Ghost: If the Fallen are already fighting off Vex, they'll be ready for us. The Archon Priest will be well-protected.

Fireteam arrive in The Cinders, Fallen & Vex are fighting

Guardians clear the threat

Ghost: We'll need to get through! I'll check it out

Ghost scans system

Ghost: It's locked down tight. Just give me some time.

Ghost hacks locked door

Fireteam are ambush by Fallen & Vex

Guardians clear threat

Ghost: Ok! It's open!

Ghost taps Fallen comms

Ghost: Picking up Fallen comms. They're restoring the Archon Priest! We'd better move.

Think they'd if we take their Pikes?

Guardians battle through Ash Coves, arrive in Winter's Run

Ghost: A cell. From the Prison of Elders. The Archon Priest is still inside.

Fireteam clear area of Fallen & Vex

Ghost: You sure this is a good idea?

Guardian releases Aksor, Archon Priest

Fireteam ambushed by heavy Fallen reinforcements

Fireteam kill Aksor

Ghost: It was better off in the Prison of Elders. I'll contact the Vanguard. Let them know the Archon Priest is dead.

Cayde-6: One more Fallen Archon gone to dust. Good. But if the Fallen found the Prison of Elders, I'm sure we'll be hearing about more heists like this. Today, we celebrate.

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