Will of Crota (Heroic)

Cayde-6: Remember Omnigul? Hive General with the lovely voice? She's back.

Ikora Rey: Vanguard scouts report she's undone her death.

Cayde-6: Undone her death? You make it sound like she pulled her knitting apart.

Ikora Rey: Eris would tell you not to make light of this.

Cayde-6: That's why she's not here.

Ikora Rey: There's no telling what else might follow Guardian. Destroy Omnigul and any lingering threats.

Forgotten Shore, Old Russia, Earth

Cayde-6: If Omnigul can come back to life, how do we make sure she stays dead? I wonder if the Hive think that about us?

Ikora Rey: To the Hive, death is relative. We'll face Omnigul as many times as it takes.

Cayde-6: Guess we were made for each other.

Terrestrial Complex

Cayde-6: Be ready for anything. The Hive and Fallen here are more desperate than they have ever been.

Fireteam defeats Devil Splicers and Hive

Cayde-6: Guardian, you remind me of… well, Ikora, back in her Crucible days.

Ikora Rey: That was a lifetime ago.

Cayde-6: I'm sure Shaxx hasn't forgotten. He still has trouble sitting.

Fireteam encounter more Devil Splicers and Hive

Cayde-6: The Cosmodrome is turning into a breeding ground for Hive and SIVA. Like one big disgusting petri dish.

Cayde-6: Now that you're all warmed up, let's find Omnigul.

Jovian Complex.

Cayde-6: Omnigul is back and it's for a reason. And it's not just to yell, although she does seem fond of that. Finish her before it's too late.

Omnigul appears

Cayde-6: I can't believe that voice is coming out of such tiny animals. (Hive version only)

Omnigul is defeated

Ikora Rey: There are no further traces of Hive energy.

Cayde-6: Welp! If she comes back, so will we. Look at us! Omnigul's neutralized and Eris didn't have to lift a finger.

Ikora Rey: You should tell her.

Cayde-6: Trust me, she would prefer to hear it from you. Come on back Guardian. Good work.

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