Gone to Ground

Petra paces back and forth before the console. At the controls, Variks efficiently moves through a decryption sequence. Four arms interweave as his claws dance across the interface. She shakes her head. His cybernetic arms whine—almost imperceptibly, tiny high pitched noises as the servos manipulate the limbs.

Petra: Well?

Variks: No sign of Skolas, but the Silent Fang. He has unleashed the Fang. They hunt the Devils. On Earth.

Petra: The Fang on Earth. Devils. And Kings? Nice work, Variks.

Variks: Pleasure is all mine.

Ghost Fragment: The Queen

Category: Skolas

Mystery: Fate of Skolas

Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5

Category: Variks

Mystery: Fate of Skolas

Ghost Fragment: The Reef 3

Category: Petra Venj

Paskin, King Baron