— A scribe of the Fallen House of Judgment, who remembers and preserves the old Eliksni culture.

Before and during the Reef Wars, Variks was the House Judgement scribe to House Wolves.1 Skolas, their last Kell, was vicious, even for a Kell, and used hit-and-run tactics against civilians. Petra Venj believes this is what caused Variks to betray Skolas to the Queen.2 Variks contacted the Queen after the Fortuna Plummet and told her of Skolas’ plan to attack the military fortress of Cybele.3 This led directly to Skolas’ capture.4 At the end of the Reef Wars, Variks declared Mara Sov the new Kell of Wolves and advised the Fallen captured at Cybele to serve her.5 As reward for his loyalty, the Queen gave Variks the key to the Prison of Elders, which he ran as a battle arena for Guardians.6

After Uldren’s disappearance at the Battle of Saturn, Petra gave Variks oversight of the Crows, which he began to use in order to look for a new Kell of Kells.7 Variks also assisted the City in hunting down the remnants of the House of Wolves during the Taken War.8

When the Devil Splicers emerged, Variks used the Crows to gather intelligence on the group. He thought of the Splicers as abominations, and continued looking for a way to “stop the Fall” of his people.9

In the days between the Taken War and the Red Legion’s invasion, Variks sent intelligence to the City under the name GREENRAVEN.10

After the Red War, Variks assisted Cayde-6 and the Reef in hunting down six of the seven Scorned Barons.11 Later, in an attempt to contact Craask, the Kell of Kings, Variks discovered he had been murdered.12 This led Variks to the realization that he might be the last remaining Eliksni who was alive to see their civilization before the Whirlwind.12

Craask’s killer was Fikrul, who was still alive and working with an Awoken man; Variks passed this information to Cayde-6.1213 Before Cayde’s return, Variks was visited by a presence that may have been the Nine or their Emissary.14 Later, Cayde brought Fikrul, an old friend of Variks’, and Uldren Sov to the Prison of Elders.15

Variks cared for the Barons and Uldren alone in an attempt to keep Uldren’s presence a secret. 16 He also began investigating Fikrul’s corrupted Ether in an attempt to cure Fikrul and Uldren of their afflictions; however, Petra banned Variks from experimenting on Uldren.17

Later, Fikrul questioned Variks’ true loyalties. Instead of thinking of Mara Sov, he instead began to think of the prophecy concerning the Kell of Kells.18 Some time after, Variks freed every captive from the Prison of Elders, including Uldren and the Barons. He then left the Reef, sending a message through the system announcing himself as Variks, Kell, and House Judgement envoy to the Eliksni.18

After causing the prison break at the Prison of Elders, Variks fled to Europa, where he supported Eramis and House Salvation.19 Variks’ opinion turned once she began to use the Darkness. He stole a Splinter and sought to escape Eramis.20 He sent a message out to the Young Wolf to ask for help in stopping Eramis 20, and aided the Guardian in defeating her lieutenants 212223 and eventually Eramis herself.24 He now remains on Europa, aiding refugees from House Salvation and directing them to House Light.25

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