— A Fallen of House Judgment. He works for the Queen of the Reef.


Before and during the Reef Wars, Variks was the House Judgement scribe to House Wolves.1 Skolas, their last Kell, was vicious, even for a Kell, and used hit-and-run tactics against civilians. Petra Venj believes this is what caused Variks to betray Skolas to the Queen. 2 Variks contacted the Queen after the Fortuna Plummet 3 and told her of Skolas’ plan to attack the military fortress of Cybele. This led directly to Skolas’ capture. 4 At the end of the Reef Wars, Variks declared Mara Sov the new Kell of Wolves and advised the Fallen captured at Cybele to serve her. 5 As reward for his loyalty, the Queen gave Variks the key to the Prison of Elders, which he runs as a battle arena for Guardians. 6

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