Sylok, the Defiled

Mindscan of Subject 667, known as “Sylok the Defiled”
[Datascript 1245.5]

>Stasis is online. Initiating eighth attempt to probe mindscape.
>>It’ll work this time. I’ve mapped every synapse.
>Sure you did.
>>There. Did you see that?
>>A flare of neural activity. Stimulate that region.
...I can feel you.
>This will never work. We should either bring in a witch or put him out of his misery.
>>Petra said she needs this data. Don’t ask me why.
...I know you’re here. Your Light is dim, but there are other things to feed the worm that hungers...
>>There. Do you hear that?
>Hear what?
...poking around in my head. Poking and prodding at my emptiness...
...No purpose without...
>>You’re reading that, right?
...You’re being too gentle...
>>He’s playing with us.
...You’ll learn nothing this way!
>He’s in stasis. He doesn’t even know we’re here.
...A nightmare...
>>He knows.
>He doesn’t. I’ll prove it.
...oh please, oh please, oh please...
>Probe the memory region again, and isolate all synapses correlating with pain and trauma.
>>By the Light — do you see?
>Give him a jolt.
>That did the trick.
>>Is he ... is he happy?
...Gragghh ...g-ggglorious pain!!!
>>Memory synapses are firing.
>Finally. Let’s see what we’ve... wh— what is that?
...Blllessssseeddd is the N-Nastareth!!!

[Untranslatable noise]

...Ammm I strong enough, Oryx? Is it ttt-timme?
>>It’s too much! It’s overloading!
>>Shut it off!
...More! Give me mm-more!
>>I said shut it—

[Crackling noise, followed by 5.5 minutes of silence.]

...The greater than anguish, the greater the reward...
...I know you. See your thoughts. I will use the pain. Reach in...
...Give me the pain. Take away all but agony. Through it, I transcend.
...Just once more...

[Silence for twenty minutes.]

>>Huh. What? Lost my train of thought. Ready to begin?
>Stasis is online. Initiating, ninth attempt to probe mindscape?
>>It’ll work this time. I’ve mapped every synapse.
>Sure you did.

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