The Wakening

“Thanks to you the Wakers of Crota failed to summon their master here; my efforts to warn you were not in vain.

“But beyond the threshold at the pit of the Hellmouth, Crota still lives. And his disciples will continue to haunt the Earth, seeking the power to raise him again, and again, until Earth is carved in his name. But—there is a way, spoken by the shattered one, to enter the dark where he sleeps.

“Perhaps you can succeed where we could not. Gather a force worthy of the Light and enter that abyss, only there can we truly see to Crota's end.” - Eris Morn

The Taken

Category: Eris Morn

The Will of Crota: Revisited

The Forsaken

Category: Toland the Shattered

Trials of Osiris