Toland the Shattered


A Guardian known for his obsessive study of the Hive, which led to the creation of the exotic pulse rifle, Bad Juju,1 and also to his exile from the Tower. He was part of the fireteam that attempted to kill Crota.2 His current status is unknown.

Often referred to as "mad", Toland's understanding of Hive arcana is unparalleled. When Eriana-3 and Eris Morn were trying to find a way to kill Crota they sought out Toland.2 He joined the fireteam, but the information that we have suggests that he was more interested in learning the song of Ir Yût than in killing Crota.3 Nonetheless, Toland proved invaluable in helping the fireteam navigate the temples of the Hive, but in the end the mission was a failure.

Somehow, through his meeting with Ir Yût, Toland was killed but still able to communicate from the Overworld.4 With the arrival of Oryx, Toland was able to send a number of messages.

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