An ancient power controlled by the Techeuns, powerful servants of the Queen of the Awoken.1

The Queen used the Harbingers to destroy Ceres, thus initiating the Reef Wars. The attack killed more than half the House of Wolves, including their Kell.2 Later, the Queen and her Techeuns created an illusion of the Harbingers to trick the remaining Wolves into thinking they were destroying the Hildian Asteroids. The Wolf fleet broke rank, allowing the Awoken army to capture one of their leaders.3

During the Awoken battle with Oryx, the Techeuns assisted the Queen in implanting all the Harbingers except the oldest into the Dreadnaught.14 Remnants of Harbinger matter has been found around Saturn’s moons,5 especially gathered near its 13th moon, designation “Telesto.”6

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