Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Summoning Pillar

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by DrJazzyBebop & Lowlines


Shuro Chi: This was a summoning ground, once. We called the Harbingers here to speak to them, to persuade them, to listen to their whispering - strange songs in languages we all felt we should know.


Shuro Chi: We used to use that spire to summon the Harbingers. They're all dead now - all but one, and only Queen Mara knows where it is. A good thing, too, considering that me and my sisters were Taken.


Shuro Chi: I called my first Harbinger standing where you stand now. It was mine, and mine alone, and I sent it to its death when we attacked the Dreadnaught. A being of immeasurable age and power… destroyed in an instant by that beast.


Shuro Chi: This was once a place to call the Harbingers. It is a pity that you cannot see them as they were - ageless, unfettered minds, twining through the mist like ribbons on the wind. They were beautiful.

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