Jaren Ward

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An esteemed Hunter, the first known owner of the exotic hand cannon The Last Word. He was killed by Dredgen Yor on the outskirts of the City.12

Most of our information on Jaren Ward comes from Shin Malphur.

Ward visited the town of Palamon, where he killed the "dictatorial" Magistrate Loken.3 After Loken's death, Ward attempted to bring nine individuals from Palamon back to the City. Three of these individuals were killed during the journey.

In the very early morning of the ninth day of their trek, the remaining group awoke to the sound of gunfire. One gun was unmistakably Jaren Ward's "The Last Word". The other gun is described as having sounded "dark and infernal"1, and later confirmed to be Dredgen Yor's Thorn.2

Malphur, fearing Ward to be dead, left the group and in doing so found Ward's Ghost – confirming his fears that Ward was killed in the gunfight.

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