Maya Sundaresh

— A Golden Age scientist who was part of the Ishtar Collective and later helped to found what would become the Future War Cult.

Maya Sundaresh was a scientist who joined the Ishtar Collective with her partner, Chioma Esi, in order to study the ruins left on Venus by the Traveler’s terraforming of the planet.1 During her time at the Collective, Sundaresh was part of a research team that included Esi, Duane-McNiadh, and Dr. Shim. While studying a captive Vex unit, the researchers found several hundred identical copies of themselves within the Vex network.2 This led to the research team contacting a Warmind, allowing them to safely extract 227 copies of themselves from the simulation and, after a unanimous vote by the recovered copies, disperse them into the Vex network as explorers.3 While at the Collective, Sundaresh also conducted other experiments, including using Vex radiolaria as a ship coolant.4

Forty years later, Sundaresh was stationed in Lhasa, Tibet; the scientists at Lhasa created a machine called “the Device,” a machine modeled after the Vex gateway systems seen on Venus.5 Sundaresh then began the CHASM records as documentation of the Device and its effects on the surrounding scientists. When she resigned, Sundaresh left the log behind; the group that eventually became the Future War Cult continued the record through the City Age.

10 Lore Entries

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