Acolyte's Staff

A foreboding staff bearing engravings of Hive runes and bound with mystical charms.


"Speak to me not of the Darkness—I want no part," I once cautioned an overeager Guardian who loitered near me in the Tower. I did not mean their command over Strand or Stasis, but rather the deep, ancient corruption that empowers our enemies and corrodes our very souls. This force—this evil, if I may use such a simplistic term—surrounds us, and we must do all we can to limit our exposure, lest we find ourselves sinking below its dark waves.

And so it was with great hesitancy that I examined the unusual "Acolyte's Staff" created by Eris Morn and Immaru, the renegade Ghost. I find their alliance baffling as she holds no love for the Hive, and he is the foul creature who resurrected Savathûn. But even that is not as strange as the staff itself.

In addition to being bound with charms and inscribed with powerful runes, the staff contains a small fragment of Hive worm. Due to a ghastly ritual and a metaphysical loophole in sword logic philosophy, a Guardian wielding the staff is able to transfer the power of their defeated foes to Ms. Morn through a blood tithe.

Seeking answers, I sought Ms. Morn herself. I found her beyond a portal she erected in the H.E.L.M. She was waiting on an elaborate bone dais in a forgotten corner of Savathûn's throne world she called the Athenaeum, as it allowed her to study the secrets of Savathûn's Spire. The seclusion of the locale was appealing, but when Ms. Morn began to "change," I fled, leaving my curiosity behind me.

There is power within the staff, Commander. Terrible power.

Speak to me not of the Darkness.

—Master Rahool

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