Hidden truths are the most valuable.

Ikora took a deep breath to compose herself—she had been dreading the conversation she was about to initiate. She ran through all the anticipated objections and corresponding de-escalation tactics in her mind. It was important to keep the situation in-hand, at any cost.

Once she had steeled herself, she nodded to her Ghost, Ophiuchus, who engaged the holoprojector. A moment later, the bust of Empress Caiatl illuminated Ikora's office. Even translucent and digitized, the empress was an imposing figure.

With a steady voice and unwavering gaze, Ikora detailed the Vanguard's plan to resurrect Savathûn in exchange for the knowledge of how to breach the Witness's portal. Once she finished, Ikora braced for the empress's fury. Instead, she was met with pensive silence.

When Caiatl finally spoke, her tone was measured. "There was a time, not so long ago, when the Witch Queen's resurrection would have seemed like… a betrayal."

Ikora held her breath.

"But after working with Eris aboard the Leviathan… after speaking with Ghaul…" The empress lowered and shook her tusks—a gesture of uncertainty. "I must accept that the ways of Light and Dark are beyond my reckoning."

Caiatl raised her tusks once again and hardened her voice. "I trust Eris Morn as I would my own mythkeeper. If the Vanguard agrees that this is the only way to stop the Witness… then so be it. My legions will not stand in your way."

"My thanks, Empress," Ikora replied, with obvious relief.

"Besides," the empress concluded, "if this plan brings me one step closer to crushing Xivu Arath's skull, then it has my blessing."

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