Bond of Sekris

"I never forgot what I saw—the gift the Great Machine could bestow. And Calus promised me more." —Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Sekris was so like you. Barring the Light, of course. The absence of the Traveler in his people's lives has marked them like a scar, and they cannot forget it. His people—they envy you a great deal. When I think of him, and the hate he had for your homeworld and the benefits the Traveler bestowed upon it, I am reminded of the passion you have for its defense.

Be like Sekris. Don't share his weakness, his questioning of my authority and right of way. But consider taking up his mantle.

Give the Fallen something else to be jealous of.

Seek me out and grow fat from strength.

—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl

Category: Emperor Calus

Boots of Feltroc

Boots of Sekris

Category: Sekris Suit