Calamity Rig Helm

"Always bet on the apocalypse. Best case, you're wrong. Worst case… at least your bag's packed." —The Drifter

Hey, sister. Or brother. Hell, I don't know who's gonna end up listen' to this. Could be a snitch, an idiot, or somebody who ain't picked a side yet.

And that's perfect, because all this talk about choosin' sides? Noise. Before this is over, the only one's gonna have your back is you—and that's even odds.

Use your head. Think clear, all right? Because there are whispers going around, and you need to know when to plug your ears. Things have been different since Sloane went dark… ooh, poor wording? What's wrong, too soon? Let me tell you that we killed some time on New Arcadia. Learned some things. Listened to the wrong whispers.

Be careful who you trust from here on out, all right? Yeah, that includes me, but I've been tellin' you that since the beginning.

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