Calamity Rig Mark

"Funny how nobody listens to doomsayers. They're the most honest folk I know." —The Drifter

Being one of the Light's chosen blessed magic babies means you always come back with what you lost. So if frostbite's weighin' on your mind lately, put it aside. Ain't that it don't hurt—I mean, it hurts—but comes a time you can lose a toe and not think twice about it, aside from figurin' if you could drop enough to make a stew.

(You can't, if you're askin'.)

What I'm sayin' is, you can walk the edge if your feet are tough enough. Oughta be high up enough that you can see what's on both sides before you decide which one to hop down to.

You get me? If you follow the Drifter, don't wear your nice shoes.

Calamity Rig Greaves

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Calamity Rig Helm

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Calamity Rig Mask