Cerulean Flash

Some years, the Dawning comes faster than anyone expects.

Another day of gray and cold. Emmerza had already cried twice this morning and the shop wasn't even open yet. She looks up past the three-day-old pears and pauses. Is that…

WHOOSH! A white blur. The windows rattle. An apple falls to the floor with a thump. And the smile doesn't leave her face even after the fruit's all stocked.

Mist-1 had been looking forward to the air show for months. The forecast said today was finally going to be clear. But since this morning, everything above the sketches on their locker is fog. They sigh. After missing last year's with their sickness, for this year's to be canceled… they look down.

WHOOSH! Streaks of bronze and sapphire, just like the drawing crumpled in their hand. Their eyes light up and they hum to themselves.

Amanda wipes her brow and grins as she banks left over Skorri Canal. The Tower will eventually find out that someone's flying a thousand feet below safe airspace. But she'll still be able to hear the cheers when she gets her reprimand.

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