Lords of Iron


Before they were called Guardians, those blessed with the Traveler’s Light banded together to try and give some protection to the last remnants of humanity. They called themselves the Iron Lords.1

Radegast had become frustrated that some of those who wielded the Light were using it for their own gain at the cost of civilians, and found like-minded people to ally with. He formed the Iron Lords, and together they believed that they could use the legendary technology SIVA to improve the colonies that they had sworn to protect. Unfortunately, it corrupted and mutated until the only solution was to destroy it. Hundreds of Iron Lords fought, but only nine made it to the heart of the SIVA replication chamber. Lady Jolder sealed the door, trapping herself and seven others inside and leaving Lord Saladin alone to tell their story. Lady Efrideet traveled to the outer solar system and was presumed dead until she returned to run the Iron Banner in Lord Saladin's place.

The names of the known Iron Lords are:

Lord Saladin Forge runs a tournament called The Iron Banner, built to test guardians in an environment less forgiving than the regular crucible, in tribute to the Lords of Iron.

Rewards from the Iron Banner include weapons and armor bearing the name of these legendary guardians.

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2017.01.06 — Lords of Iron

Join Baxter and Purple Chimera as they discuss the Lords of Iron: Lady Efrideet, Lord Felwinter, Lord Gheleon, Lady Jolder, Lady Perun, Lord Radegast, Lord Saladin, Lord Silimar, Lady Skorri and Lord Timur. Plus some others whose names are less important.