Chapter 22

The memorials left at Amanda's workshop were many. Too many for Zavala to count. He moved them aside, assessing the damage left by Colonel's rampage through the Tower from earlier that day.

"So many feathers," he mused. He pulled back a canvas covering Amanda's belongings to clean up the broken candles scattered beneath. A container of nuts and bolts fell from a workbench. Zavala gasped as they rained down, and he rushed to collect them before they could roll away. He opted to place them in a drawer for safe keeping, and as he did, his fingers brushed against a folded piece of paper. He opened it.

A colorful drawing. Not of ships. Not of adventure. But of a large, blue Titan and a smiling little girl.

Tears welled in his eyes, and he held the drawing close.

"Can't sleep?" a quiet voice asked.

Zavala looked up to find Crow standing in front of him. "I suppose I could ask the same of you," Zavala replied instead.

"Want some company?"

Zavala nodded and gently pocketed the drawing. He looked around at the uncovered workspace. At the half-full mug of coffee. The single welder's glove. The datapads and blueprints, shop rags and tools.

"I always knew I'd have to… face this task eventually. Tonight feels, well, right," Zavala said. He lovingly picked up a spanner. "I need to find a good home for her tools. Someone who will really appreciate them."

Crow gave him a slight smile. "I think I might know someone."

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