Cinder Pinion Bond

"You're angry they defeated you? They just did you a favor! Now you know what to improve." —Lord Shaxx

Lord Shaxx looked down at the City as he spoke.

"The children in the City have always played at being Guardians. Shouting about their hammers and shields, swinging branches as Dawnblades. Many a time, I would pretend to be slain by one of their attacks as I walked through the City, and they would always laugh."

He gripped the railing in his fist.

"Now they shout different words as they play. They call forth different powers. When struck, they hold positions, freeze in place, keep still. Their smiles fix on their faces. They fall perfectly quiet."

He began to say something else and gestured emptily toward the City, but his hand fell to his side. He turned toward you.

"You and I, we are warriors. We know the weight of our weapons when we draw them. But the children…"

His voice was quiet.

"It unsettles me."

Cinder Pinion Boots

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Chivalric Fire

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Cinder Pinion Boots