Eidolon Pursuant Helm

I - You are seen.

Savathûn is rigid and lifeless beneath the edge of Eris's scalpel as it begins a Y-incision. With each careful removal of a chitin plate, she expects the Witch Queen's muscles to shudder, her eyes to roll open, her claws to cleave Eris in twain as retaliation.

Rigid. Lifeless. Nothing to fear.

Below the skull, protected by plated scale and fraying Hive enchantment, Eris sees the symbol of the Witch Queen. She peels back muscle and shaves away surrounding tissue for a clearer view of the fading mark etched into Savathûn's encephalon organ with soulfire script. Only then does she see the embellishments adorning the mark; they bring to mind the runic symbols carved into the Crown of Sorrow. She catalogues the embellishments on a data-pad, noting the similarities before continuing her examination, confident in her initial findings regarding a link to the Crown.

A link to the Crown. A lock many have tried to pick. Now Eris holds the key, from the mind of Savathûn herself.

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