Garden Progeny 1

Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections never found alone,
The ending of the eldritch race—a path long seen but never known.

Excerpt from "The Definitive History of Osiris," by Brother Vance

In the wake of the Iron Lords' untimely deaths and the chaos that threatened to topple the fledging City from within, the one known as the Speaker made his bid for power. To create the illusion of democracy, the Speaker established the Consensus, an oligarchical body of representatives from the City's leading political factions and the three Guardian classes. For the Titans: Saint-14, the right hand of the Speaker. For the Hunters: Tallulah Fairwind, first in a long line of ever-changing representatives. And for the Warlocks, the already-legendary warrior who had studied with Felwinter and Nirwen themselves: Osiris.

Fire Victorious Shell

Category: The Consensus


Filicide Ellipses

Category: Lord Felwinter

III - Plea Deal

Forge's Pledge

Category: Lords of Iron

Grimoire: The Ironwood Tree

Future Safe 10

Category: Osiris

Gensym Scribe

Gallant Charge

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