Gensym Knight

"Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum." —Asher Mir

I have scoured my library but found nothing on this "Nokris" of which you speak. I am sorry both for the delay and that I could not be of more help. Do you ever feel any affection for the creatures that changed you? I confess this weakness myself. In the shadow of the Pyramidion, I have sometimes felt a kind of craven admiration for the illimitable superior beings that suffuse my body. I can feel them move through my veins with purpose, magnetized to the intent of the Minds that have come to machinoform Echo Mesa. I have a sense of their desires. They have changed since I fell. And so, I am—if nothing else—a new variable in whatever grand equation compels them.

My arm grows worse. This morning, I cut my finger and bled radiolaria. I will redouble my efforts.

Truth in action,
Asher Mir


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