Guardian's Angel Shell

For Ghosts who keep close watch.

Queen Mara Sov closed her eyes and focused on the Guardian flexing her power in the Ascendant Plane. She felt the air ripple with explosions, smelled the acrid flesh of the Taken, and heard their hellish shrieks as they were vaporized by the Guardian's Light.

But when she opened her eyes, she was once again back on Earth, in the pastoral quietude of the Farm. The tumult of the battle receded into her subconscious, and she frowned, disappointed by the placidity of her corporeal surroundings.

Against her better judgment, she closed her eyes again and followed the thread of her power to a different beneficiary. She was suddenly observing a cloaked figure, who was hiding behind a rusted-out piece of Golden Age machinery while staking out a nearby Pyramid.

Mara had thus far refrained from connecting to Crow—she knew he needed his space. But dark portents loomed in the skies, and she sought comfort in the twin heartbeat they once shared.

A digital shimmer fluttered in the air, and Glint appeared at Crow's shoulder. "Any news?" the Ghost inquired.

"Nothing yet. Three patrols went out. One came back with prisoners, and the other two limped back with heavy casualties."

"And you haven't seen anything strange?" Glint pressed.

"No… why?" Crow glanced sharply at the Ghost.

"Nothing, I guess," Glint replied. "I just got the spookiest feeling. Like we're being watched."

"Nobody here but you, me, and Mara," Crow replied. "Everything's fine."

Gardener and Winnower

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