Legacy's Oath Mask

"It's not just what I'm capable of. It's how I use it that makes the difference." —Ada-1

We're all thrust into situations we find unseemly. The real test is what you do when you find yourself in one. We're staring down the barrel at another Collapse. I can see all the signs around me. There is no denying it anymore. The Darkness has arrived. Now, I'm being tested once again.

I carry a great potential inside. To create. To forge. No one else can do what I do… and a part of me thinks I should keep it that way. I'm not sure I want to share this gift. It's a tremendous responsibility, this power. I know how I use it. Can I trust anyone else to do so reliably? Would this ability be corrupted, squandered; should others have access? I can already see the Darkness manipulating it to its advantage.

On the other hand, it would push Exos everywhere ahead technologically, elevating our standing and truly making us superior. I've always felt the Last City could use more protection than the Vanguard could afford. I could provide that, widespread, and make it readily available to all. March myself right into the Deep Stone Crypt and use the Bray Exoscience Facility to its fullest capability. Stave off this dark night. The armory is already known. It's a pointless institution if it's not providing help to those who need it.

Where would that leave me though? I imagine I'd be just another Exo, reducing the Black Armory and its traditions to some moot forgotten foundry. That's not the legacy I'm trying to preserve. The armory… me… we're more than just the weapons we make. What we represent—the values we stand for—would be lost without us and would run astray without supervision. Yet, if I don't act now, there won't be anything left to preserve. The Darkness will not yield. The Guardians will require more from me. The armory needs to evolve.

Legacy's Oath Helm

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Legacy's Oath Mark

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TEST NO: 142 - Radiolarian Fluid Ingestion

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