Lion's Reign Mark

When the world begins to crumble, they will look to you to hold up the sky.

"Remember who this is all for," Vasara-5 said, rapping her knuckles against the railing of the ruined balcony where she stood. "All the old orders and heroes. Radegast. Jolder. Wei Ning. Ouros."

Sledge looked up at her from the training course, shoulders hunched. "O-okay."

"Everyone is counting on us, Sledge," Vasara said. "So get that speed up. Ladrillo will be firing at you to simulate a high-pressure environment."

Sledge raised a hand. "You mean 'near' me, right? Right, Ladrillo?"

Ladrillo chuckled.

"Get this done, and we'll celebrate at the Blustery Brew." Vasara tapped the screen, starting the timer. "Okay, go!"

Sledge yelped and took off across the makeshift obstacle course.
They watched him scamper from cover to cover, leaping across the gaps they'd filled with white paint to represent Vex milk, clambering up the walls they'd covered with electrified rods. Ladrillo fired a few shots lazily into the air, and Sledge surged forward in a desperate charge, tackling the final target dummy through the bounding wall of the next building over. They heard more crashing from inside.

Ladrillo grunted. "Does that count?"

Vasara-5 checked the time. "Sure does."

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