Lady Jolder

— A Titan who was a member of the Iron Lords.

Lady Jolder was one of the first Iron Lords, led by Lord Radegast.1 As a part of the Iron Lords, she took part in numerous battles, including challenging the Warlord Rience to single combat.2

She was likely a Striker Titan, as she taught Lord Felwinter how to shoulder charge.34 She may have had a relationship with Lord Saladin.56

She was one of the nine Lords of Iron who made it to the heart of the Replication Complex.7 She sealed herself and her companions inside to contain SIVA; however, she also trapped Saladin outside of the chamber so that he survived.6 She then attempted to destroy the replicator through an explosion, killing everyone inside.8

Jolder’s attempt to destroy the replicator was unsuccessful. A Remnant of Jolder, which was created by SIVA, remained within the Iron Tomb and was defeated by the Guardian.8

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