Another day, another Forage into 2082 Volantis. It's always the same.

Every time, we enter into the Glassway where the portal resides. Defensive protocols go into effect. Portal gets activated. We take out any Vex that come through, then Dr. Bray leads our unit inside for further resource collection and exploration.

I hope they don't make me go first this time. Front line usually gets picked off immediately.

"Knox, you're taking lead today," she says.

Of course. "Understood, Dr. Bray."

Portal's activating. Next step should be—

"Dr. Bray, we have a problem," Dr. Ruiz interrupts.

Great. Wonder what's wrong?

"Talk to me," Dr. Bray replies.

"Noe-2 noticed a critical error in our surveillance tech on the alien side of the portal. The sensors are offline. Can't tell what's coming through without them."

"Has that ever happened before?"


Dr. Bray takes a pause. Then, "Shut it down."

"We'll need authorization."

"I'm authorizing it."

"His authorization."

Clovis doesn't trust her to make the big calls. It drives her insane.

"Listen, Esteban. Clovis is currently on a respirator in a coma. He's likely going to be dead within the next 24 hours. So, with all due respect, I am making the calls now—"


What was that? Came from the portal. Everyone's looking. Something's coming!


"MINOTAUR! FIRE ALL CANONS!" Dr. Bray yells. She's got this.

The Minotaur's coming through. We're firing. Nothing's working. Maybe she doesn't got this.

"ROCKETS!" another Exo screams.

Dr. Bray's trying. We're all trying. This thing is something fierce. And it's not alone.

"We've got Goblins!" someone exclaims.

They keep pouring through. Non-stop. I'm firing away. This isn't normal. It's too many.

"Incoming!" Dr. Ruiz screams.

What the hell is that?! It's like a Vex Hydra but… WAY bigger and with a wraparound shield. It's destroying everything. Shards of Exos rain down on us.

They just keep coming. No end in sight. I'm firing every last bullet I have, but it's not enough.

"Ruiz—shut it down, now!" Dr. Bray yells.

He isn't shutting anything down. He's just a mangled corpse now. Dr. Bray sees it.

"Evacuate immediately! Go, go, go!" she shouts as she and a few others run, barely escaping.

I try. I run as far as I can, but it's no use. They're on me now. Ripping out my arms. Pinning me to the floor. This is it for me. Maybe I'll be brought back as Knox-5. But if not? Well…

I close my eyes. A woman smiles at me. She's cooking pierogis. Must be Mom. Can't wait to try them.

It's good to be home again.


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